Student Life in New Zealand

New Zealand – The land of the long white cloud.

Located to the South East of Australia is the beautiful island nation of New Zealand. With a thriving economy, abundance of nature and a culture like no other, New Zealand is definitely a fantastic place to be.

  • Strong Economy and Work Opportunities

    New Zealand has A strong economy, with the government policies favoring investment and great business sector.

    The country ranks 53rd on the list of strongest economies based on GDP growth, which is great considering the small size of the country and its population.

    This results in a good standard of living, with good wages as well. The country’s economy is primarily based on international trade and tourism. The cou try also has great infrastructure, with railways, ports, cities, air travel etc. all being well developed.

  • Great standards of education

    With the strong economy and good infrastructure, a good standard of living comes hand in hand. This is facilitated by the fact that the average income in New Zealand is high compared to the costs of living.

    The country has great enthusiasm for sports, especially cricket and Rugby. The New Zealand sports teams have followers across the world and are great performers as well.

  • Free of crime and corruption

    You heard that correct. New Zealand is one of the safest countries in the world to live in, with crime rates being extremely low. There are hardly ever any cases of violence or corruption in politics as well as policing. Pretty cool, huh?

  • Abundance of nature and beautiful destinations

    New Zealand is one of the most in-demand destinations for travel and tourism, with a big chunk of its economy relying on travel and tourism. Beautiful landscapes, natural lakes and what not, coupled with a climate where you can ski in the mountains and fish in the sea, all in the same day!


    Milford sound, Aoraki (mount cook), Waitomo caves, Fiordland National Park, Abel Tasman national Park, Bay of islands, and the list for scintillating tourism destination in New Zealand goes on and on!

Study Abroad - Get Your Education In New Zealand

One of the beautiful places to live and work is the island nation of New Zealand. Located in the Southern hemisphere, the country is one of the most beautiful destinations across the world.

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Universities In New Zealand

New Zealand has some of the world’s top ranked universities that provide the very best standards of education and research. Here are the 8 Universities in New Zealand.

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Student Life In New Zealand

Located to the South East of Australia is the beautiful island nation of New Zealand. With a thriving economy, abundance of nature and a culture like no other, New Zealand is definitely a fantastic place to be.

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Visa Requirement And Process

Now that you know why you should study, work, and settle in New Zealand, the question that arises then is HOW? At VAC, we help you with every single one of those steps to ensure you have a seamless experience of enrolling and studying abroad.

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Every year thousands of Indian students dream of the best education and lifestyle for themselves. New Zealand is a country that can give you the same. With a strong economy, good career prospects, great standards of education and the cultural and scenic beauty the country is, we would not be surprised if New Zealand is your dream Destination to study.

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