Why prepare PTE with VAC?

Frequently asked questions about PTE Academic

We have a complete PTE preparation system that will lead you to success.

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Stage 1: Personal Study Plan

Here you meet one on one with a specialist instructor who will distinguish precisely what you have to deal with, when and how. Your Study Plan will kick you off and prop you up ideal as far as possible.

Stage 2: Skill Building Lessons

You may need to construct your jargon, improve your language structure or refine your elocution. We have all that you need including 100s of video-based exercises and our student web portal – VAC Student panel, which refines your articulation.

Stage 3: Methods, Tips and Strategy Classes

Join our live online classes held by master educators who have stepped through the examination themselves. Our instructors will tell you The best way to respond to every single inquiry.

Stage 4: Practice!

Truly, you should rehearse… however once you assemble your abilities and get familiar with the strategies your training turns into significantly increasingly charming. It won't confound any longer! We have stores of training inquiries for you to apply the techniques to.

Stage 5: Expert Feedback Tutorials

Here, you meet one on one with a specialist educator who will let you know precisely what you are doing well – and all the more critically – what you are fouling up. The instructor may guide you to accomplish more practice, refine your comprehension of the techniques or the educator may state "You're prepared to go!". We have educators all around the globe and run classes, essentially, day in and day out.

Stage 6: LIVE Mock Tests

You have to encounter what it resembles to step through the examination under test conditions. Join our live fake tests held by master educators who will weight you yet control you.

Stage 7: Test Day

On the off chance that you pursue our program you will be more than prepared for test day. You will be certain on the grounds that certainty originates from great readiness and capacity.

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