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A nation that puts in a lot of emphasis on education, Australia has some of the finest Universities from across the globe. Here’s why you should study here!

The group of 8 is an elite group of universities in Australia, comprising of 8 world class Universities of the country. These research-intensive universities are the best and most reputed Universities in the country and offer degrees in a variety of fields and disciplines.

Here are the members of the group of 8

  • The University of Melbourne

    Ranked the number one University of Australia, the University of Melbourne is one of the finest educational institutions in the world. Offering courses in a number of disciplines, the University ranks #32 in the best Universities in the world. With a rich culture and elaborate history, the University regularly contributes to the knowledge bank of the world with exemplary research and learning.


    Some of the disciplines the university provides top quality education in are :

    - Architecture, building planning and design
    - Arts, humanities, social sciences
    - Business economics
    - Education
    - Engineering
    - Environment
    - Health
    - Information Technology and Computer sciences
    - Law
    - Music and visual and performing arts
    - Science
    - Veterinary, agriculture and food sciences

  • The Australian National University



    One of the leading universities to study in Australia and the world is the Australian National University. ANU has seven academic colleges that house a number of schools and research centers that specialize in a range of disciplines

    One of the leading universities to study in Australia and the world is the Australian National University. ANU has seven academic colleges that house a number of schools and research centers that specialize in a range of disciplines.

    - ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences
    - ANU College of Asia & the Pacific
    - ANU College of Business & Economics
    - ANU College of Engineering & Computer Science
    - ANU College of Health & Medicine
    - ANU College of Law
    - ANU College of Science
    - National Center for Indigenous Studies

  • The University of Sydney


    Located in the largest city of Australia is the University of Sydney. Pioneering in research and education, the UoS is being ranked among the top 50 Universities across the globe for decades.

    Founded in 1850, the University of Sydney is the oldest university to study in Australia. Over the years it has garnered a reputation as one of the best, with a number of Noble Prizes awarded to its students and associates.

  • Monash University

    The largest university of Australia in terms of student body size, the Monash University enrolls 45,000 Undergraduates and 15,000 post graduates every year. It is the ideal university for students aspiring a career in Medical Sciences.

    A number of world class research facilities in Australia are affiliated to Monash. Some of them are the Monash STRIP (Science, Technology, Research and Innovation Precinct), the Australian Stem Cell Center, the Australian Synchrotron and over a 100 others!

  • The University of New South Wales


    One of the most highly rated Universities in Australia AND the world is the University of New South Wales. Boasting of four teaching hospitals, 76 schools, 69 research centers and eight residential colleges associated with it, the University is an excellent place to study in Australia. Founded in 1949, the university is situated in Kensington, in the outskirts of Sydney.

  • The University of Queensland

    One of the oldest Universities in Australia, the University of Queensland was established back in 1909 in St. Lucia, where it is still based out. The university today has several other campuses based across the country. One of the finest Universities in research and innovation, the University of Queensland is one of the best to study in Australia.

  • The University of Western Australia

    Located in one of Australia’s largest cities that is Perth(you guessed it, in Western Australia), the University of Western Australia is one of the most reputed and highly ranked Universities of Australia. The University is currently facilitating education in Australia for over 25,000 students, 19,000 of them being undergraduates.

  • The University of Adelaide

    The University of Adelaide is one of the best places for studying abroad in Australia. The public University has the environment, location, courses, and easy access suited for the international students. The University currently has over 25,000 students, over 5000 of whom are overseas students.


    Another important group of Universities is the ‘Australian technology network’, which comprises of universities that offer undergraduate and graduate programs in Engineering and technology. In addition to these there are various other Universities that offer great courses across disciplines, depending on an aspirant’s profile and merit.

  • Australian Technology Network

    The Australian Technology Network is a coalition of 5 of the most advanced and research focused universities in the country. Basically the ATN is a group of universities for the best education in engineering and technology in Australia. The Universities have pooled their resources to provide education that has been designed keeping the contemporary industry needs in mind.


    Here are the 5 Universities in the ATN:

    1. Curtin University of Technology
    2. University of South Australia
    3. RMIT University
    4. University of Technology Sydney
    5. Queensland University of Technology

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Universities In Australia

A nation that puts in a lot of emphasis on education, Australia has some of the finest Universities from across the globe. Here’s why you should study here!

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