Study Abroad Consultant

Study Abroad Consultant


Your career is one of the most important aspect of your life and it needs to be planned in a diligent manner. Study Abroad Consultant can bridge the gap between your career and future with higher education abroad.

Students nowadays are aspiring to study abroad and not only the students but also their parents are equally inquisitive to send their children abroad. Higher studies give you global exposure and make you independent

Now before you plan to go abroad, it is really important that you should consult with trusted overseas education consultant near you. We have helped 1000+ students to study abroad. Our Students are well settled in countries like Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

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One stop channel for all your study abroad enquiries! With 5000 + registered students, we has become one of the most preferred education platforms across India.

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Study in Australia

Study and make a career in one of the strongest economies in the world, with a culture like no other. Getting the Permanent Residency...

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Study in New Zealand

One of the beautiful places to live and work is the island nation of New Zealand. The country is one of the most beautiful destinations across the world.

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Study in Canada

Realise that one big childhood dream, study and make it big in Canada. Helping 100's of students every month getting the study visa for Canada.

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Why You Should choose to Study Abroad?

  • Abroad Education is Excellent

    Studying abroad gives you the opportunity to study at the Top Universities Abroad. Styding at the highly ranked universities gives you the opportunity to make the career you always wanted to have. Their curriculum is well designed as per the student’s needs.

  • High Rate of Employment

    Employment plays a major role when deciding which country to go for higher studies. Countries like Australia, New Zealand and Canada are not so populated and needs skilled immigrants to take the country forward. For E.g. There is a high demand for IT engineers in Australia and Construction/Architecture and hospitality have the maximum jobs in New Zealand.

  • Good Income Potential

    If you study in Countries like Australia, New Zealand and Canada, You are allowed to work 20 Hour per week as a part-time job while you are studying. Minimum Wage in Australia is $19.49 an hour, then Minimum wage in New Zealand is $17.70 an hour.

  • Post Study Work Visa

    After your Study you will be eligible for POST Study Work Visa. Australia offers 2 years of Post Study Work Visa after minimum 2 years of Study in Australia, New Zealand offers 3 years of Post Study Work Visa After 3 Years of Bachelors or 1 Years of Postgraduate (if it falls in Skill shortage list) or 1 Year of Masters course after studying in New Zealand and Canada offers 3 years of Post Study Work Visa after 2 years of study in Canada.

  • Top Quality Resources

    Universities abroad are fully equipped with the latest technology and curriculum required for a student like you to perform and learn under supervised conditions.

  • Sterling Academic Curriculum

    International universities follow a curriculum which is up to date and which is selected after a lot of research and physiological analysis. They asses your application based on your previous study and work experience, Post that they give you the offer of study and you get to choose the subjects you like as per your eligibility and availability.

  • International Exposure

    International exposure is one of the top reason why a student wants to Study Abroad. What studying abroad can give is very hard to explain in words, Studying abroad opens all the avenues of the world and the diverse culture you get after studying in countries like Australia New Zealand and Canada is unmatchable. You get to meet people from around the world. They come from a different background and so is You. Everything is different, cultures, language, color, knowledge even beliefs but at the end of the day when you are in the same classroom and discuss ideas and problems, that’s where the real magic happens and that’s where the learning curve starts.

  • Overall Personal Development

    Why you should choose to study abroad is, that abroad universities give you the promise of quality education and they actually make sure it is delivered. Their curriculum is well designed as per the student’s needs.

  • Abroad Educational Excellence

    Studying abroad gives you the winds, knowledge, wisdom, and courage which we always wanted. Learning about new cultures, language, cuisine, and music and endless other things helps you develop your overall personality and you come out as a better person.

Why Do We Need Study Abroad Consultant?


Now before you plan to go for higher education abroad it is very important that you profoundly do your research. A study abroad consultant should help you find the right suitable course and university depending upon your profile. Righit University according to your previous qulaification, Work Ex and IELTS/PTE Score as well as budget.

The study abroad consultants do all these things mentioned above they, of course, have in-depth knowledge and experience that what are the best options suitable for you as per your area of interest and preference.

They know well that which university/college provides programs which will suit you and also they know which universities provide good scholarships to the international students and also helps with your visa processing without any obstacles.

The certified consultancy knows about all the changing immigration and visa norms or any other formalities to be done.

WHY VAC Global Education as Study Abroad Consultants?

VAC Global Education is driving Overseas Education Consultants in Delhi and Noida’s which provides Study Abroad consultants. We have speacialization in some of the most immigrant-friendly countries, like,Canada, Australia, and New Zealand . Our key focus is to help you with each and every step which will make your study abroad experience a delightful one.

  • FREE Study Abroad consultation

    We offer free study abroad consultation and other extra help required to get you education abroad. Our devoted study abroad counselors and dedicated support staff will work vivaciously to give you the best study abroad guidance.

  • Easy Assessable

    We have our branches in Delhi and Noida. Both the locations have expert counselors who will make your study abroad journey a smoother one.

  • Study Abroad Universities/ Colleges Abroad

    We have almost all the Top Ranked Universities and Colleges, Which offeres course as per everyones needand courses available to Study in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

  • Study Abroad Scholarships

    Scholarships is something you must be interested in. Our counselors will help you get the maximum scholarship and will help you prepare file according to university standards.

  • Study Abroad Funds Requirement

    Every country has different funds requirement when you apply for a student visa. Our counselors will help you gather the funds in the right order as per the immigration requirement.

Please feel free to contact us for Free consultation and guidance regarding abroad education. Our Expert study aborad Counselors in noida will help you with each and every step.

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