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What is PTE Academic?

The Pearson test of English is a computer based English testing exam for non-native English speaking aspirants who wish to seek permanent residence abroad or wishes to study overseas.

PTE Academic is a 3 hour long exam taken in front of the computer, where the answers are recorded on the speaker and on the database of the system. The PTE Academic score is evaluated out of 90 in all four modules as well as overall.


PTE Academic test consists of 4 modules:


Why PTE Academic test is more feasible than other English proficiency exams?

  • PTE Academic is conducted every day except for Sundays; you as a test taker can pick any available date according to your convenience
  • The result of PTE Academic is quicker in comparison to other English tests as the score card comes within 5 working days.
  • The PTE Academic score is valid for 2 years from the day of the result.
  • The PTE Academic test is conducted in front of the computer system thereby less chances of panicky or nervousness.
  • Approved for all Australian and New Zealand student visa and migration applications. Also, accepted by thousands of institutions in the UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, and Ireland.
  • Computer is liable to assess the PTE Academic score therefore making the PTE Academic score more impartial and accurate.


PTE Academic

There is only one PTE Academic test to be taken by both aspirants whether applying for study abroad or permanent residence, where as the score requirement varies.


Country Diploma Bachelors PGD/masters
New Zealand 50 54 58
Australia 50 54 58
Ireland 50 54 58
United Kingdom 50 54 58
Country Scores Required
New Zealand 58 overall irrespective of the specific module
Australia 65+ overall and in each module 65+ for 10 points in visa application
  79+ overall and in each module 79+ for 20 points in visa application, complete 90 overall and in each module for 30 points in visa application

Why chose PTE Academic at VAC Global Education?

Above are some of glorious results of our students.
  • Free PTE Academic Demo Class

    At VAC Global Education we arrange a free demo class for you, to develop the comfort level between you and your PTE Academic trainer by making your PTE study more fruitful. Moreover, it helps you understand how we will help you achieve your desired PTE result in the given time span, the resources and the level of assistance that VAC Global Education imparts on part of teaching would make you as test takers more confident about our trainers.


    In the free demo class, your trainer will share tips, tricks and strategies which are must for PTE aspirant in order to score desired and higher bands in less possible time. Free PTE Academic demo class is intended to help you understand how we run our classes on everyday basis. Moreover, it intended to make you comfortable with the pattern of the exam and get to know how we will work with you to help you achieve 79+ scores.

  • Certified PTE Academic Trainers

    All our trainers are certified from Pearson and have attended all the comprehensive training programs and workshops conducted by them on regular intervals. They are highly experienced to understand the weak areas of our test takers in order to guide you to the righteous methods and ways of scoring in PTE. Our PTE trainers work with you in a way so that the test takers are left with any doubts untouched. Our expert trainers have attended TTT (Train The Trainer) programme from Pearson and have successfully trained many students to reach their desired scores. The trainers are highly flexible and our reachable to all our students, so that they can be contacted at any point if you have enquiries before or near the test day.

  • Customized PTE Academic Coaching

    We customize our batches and PTE Academic course content as per your needs and comfort, the trainers make sure that we stay considerate towards your time requirements and we carefully analyze your strengths and weaknesses to customize our PTE course structure in such a way that it turns out to be most effective for you. One major benefit of taking coaching at VAC global education is that the classes will be scheduled for you and are going to be highly flexible as per your convenience and availability. Moreover, the duration of the classes is also quite flexible as you can attend classes for longer hours if needed for the preparation of your course. We offer advanced style of coaching to you as our classes are equipped with high speed internet and mock tests.

  • Fast-Track Courses for PTE Academic

    In addition to Customized Coaching and flexibility of slots, we also provide fast track course for 15 days. It is especially designed for the ones, who would want to have their desired PTE score on an urgent basis. If you are a working professional or a student visa aspirant and you would like to meet your requirements in a fast-pacing course and to meet your PTE exam deadlines approaching soon then this Fast Track Course is for you. .Kindly rest assure that our expert trainers will leave no stone unturned in doing the entire revision/ practice for your PTE exam by completing all the four modules

  • Assessment And Feedback

    Constant assessments are taken and feedbacks are given by our expert trainers to our test takers, so that they can keep an eye on their problematic areas. All the four modules of PTE are constantly checked and assessed on regular basis by our trainers who share the adequate tips and tricks to help you reach your aim in a short span of time. With the help of daily PTE sample tests, PTE exam preparation you shall be able to map your progress to get desired scores in PTE exam well before booking your PTE exam dates.

  • Flexibility Of Timings PTE Academic Batch

    We are 7 days open and we adjust our time according to your convenience as most of the test takers are working professionals. We start operating from 7 in the morning and work up till 8 at in the evening towards our students’ results on weekdays and begin at 10 AM till 6 PM on weekends. So that students can pick any time of their choice and comfort. PTE academic course requires you to spend a lot of time doing PTE practice to achieve the best scores.

  • Booking The PTE Academic Test

    We are one of the authorized learning and training partners with PEARSON. Moreover, providing assistance in booking the test for our students through which they can avail the benefit of obtaining 38 PTE mocks for free, out of which you can also evaluate 3 full- - fledged mocks online for free. You can also book PTE test hassel free with us, VAC global education.


PTE Academic FAQ's

Q. Is PTE Academic accepted in Canada?

PTE Academic can be accepted in general category of student visa application, however, it cannot be used for permanent residency application.

Q. What is PTE Academic exam fees?

The PTE Academic exam fee is just 13,300/- INR.

Q. Is PTE Academic exam difficult?

It entirely depends on the level of English of the test taker as well as the score they are aiming, though with appropriate tricks if applied rightly can make anything look easy.

Q. How long does it take to get PTE Academic results

The PTE Academic result arrives within 5 working days and a lot times within a day’s time as well.

Q. How do you read PTE Academic scores?

In the PTE Academic score card there you have marks of 4 different modules displayed along with which the marks of various enabling skills displayed that helps the test taker to know exactly as to what went wrong and what went right.

Q. How can I get high score in PTE Academic speaking?

This is a major misconception for especially “summarize the written text” in PTE Academic where it’s clearly written to summarize the text in 5- 75 words that it can only be summarized in 75 words otherwise it would be incomplete and your points will be deducted whereas, it is not all necessary , people are getting 90 by writing just 5 words and even when they write 75 words but you need to be very careful that grammar mistakes should be avoided as well as spelling mistakes and you can use only one full stop that too at the end of your summary.

You should also use a lot of complex sentences wisely but in a proper manner, for that you also need to have knowledge about how you have to construct complex sentences, moreover, punctuations should also be used appropriately specially commas and semicolons. Tt is better that you avoid it if you are not knowing its correct usage. It is always better that you avoid jumbling up your summary just recognize the main idea and the key points and mention that in your response.

PTE Academic looks for the sentences that are clear, logical and have proper grammar. As far as your concerns regarding the essays, the team VAC trainers provide ample essay template which have resulted in our students scoring 90 in written discourse by just implying them.

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