What is student direct stream for Canada

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What is the Student Direct Stream (SDS) for Canada?

Student Direct Stream (SDS), you must have heard it a lot of time. Or wondering what exactly it is, we are going to cover the same thing today!

Student visa for Canada is processed faster under the SDS category. 

SDS is the faster way of getting the study permit approved for Canada, but it also depends on which country you are from. 

Time Frame To Process Study Visa Under SDS

20 Days

FEE To Process Study Visa Under SDS


You must pay for the application online after you have submitted all the documents. 

For faster processing of application submit 


Documents as per SDS Requirement

Eligibility Requirements for SDS Category Visa Processing

  • For faster processing, you must be from any of these countries as a legal resident





the Philippines



  • You have an offer from an approved Designated Learning Institute (DLI)
  • Living Outside Canada (In your Home Country Most preferred)
  • You have paid your first-year tuition fee
  • Submitted GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate) of $10,000
  • If you are planning to study in Quebec, then you need an acceptance letter (CAQ) from the government of Quebec
  • Have a medical done
  • Police Clearance certificate if required
  • Educational Documents
  • IELTS score of 6 bands each or higher (Bachelors or Postgraduate)

*These are the most documents that should be included under the SDS category. Immigration can ask for other documents also, depending upon the individual profile. 

Things to take care of while uploading documents on the immigration website

You should scan your documents as neatly as possible.

Compile them in the correct order

File size should not be more than 4 MB for each file.

Banks who offer GIC Certificate

So SDS category is the best visa processing method for the student visa from India. 

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