IELTS Writing Task 2 essay with model answer - scientists take on life beyond earth

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Human curiosity has led to various discoveries in space, which has further resulted in a moot question if extraterrestrials should be contacted to explore unsolved questions or it would be hazardous to do so. Though my inclination is towards the former statement, both the views are elaborated in the subsequent paragraphs.

Communicating with the alien civilization could be tremendously advantageous as it can unriddle mysteries of the universe in terms of technology and resources. In other words, fostering the advances in medical sciences might be possible through species living in other planets. For instance, cure to life threatening ailments like COVID-19 might be available. In addition, this may also solve some of the pressing issues ranging from scarcity of land to global warming. Comparatively, humans depending and working on the same may take longer. Hence, I firmly assert that it should be encouraged.
Conversely, it is believed that there can be numerous adverse consequences despite these benefits. Majorly, such communication may lead to biological wars because of miscommunication due to distinct languages of the two species, especially if those are more technologically advanced than people living on the Earth. Moreover, touching or their nearby presence may prove to be infectious to mankind. To exemplify, their food may turn to be poisonous if consumed by humans.  Therefore, according to few researchers, this practice has to be avoided.

In conclusion, no doubt potential drawbacks of connecting to other life forms in the universe should not be ignored but in my opinion, doing so in a controlled manner can be beneficent in several aspects.

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