How to Convert 1 Year Course in 3 Years Post Study Work Visa?

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How to Convert 1 Year Course in 3 Years Post Study Work Visa?

Today our topic is a Post-study work visa in Canada. This blog is for you if you plan to go for

studies in Canada and have an undergraduate or postgraduate degree. 


Our objective in this blog is to give you a perspective

about the finances involved and decision making while planning the post-study

work visa duration. We want to mention especially someone who is planning a

1-year postgraduate course. By the end of the blog, you would understand how

you can convert your 1-year visa into five years Work Visa. 


Let's talk about one-year studies. 


Q. What are your work rights in Canada? 

A. As per the Canadian government, you can work 20 hours per

week, legally speaking. Twenty hours of work in a week is a decent time for you

to maintain your studies' work-life balance. 

Q. How many days of classes do you need to attend while you

    study in Canada?

A. Generally Speaking, 3-4 days a week. You need to go to college or University 3-4 days a week.

Q. What is the Minimum wage in Canada?

A. $15.20 from June 2021

Q. And how much you need to save before you can convert your

    one-year visa into a five-year plan?

A. That is explained nicely below!


You get a 1-year post-study work visa for one year

course, and after two years of Study, you get three years of work visa. 


This blog's objective is to tell you and explain to you

how you can affordably change from a 1-year post-study work visa to 3 years

post-study work visa. 


So since you are allowed to work part-time while you

study, that makes 20 hours per week. So let's calculate how much you can make

in a year. 


The number of hours per week is 20 hours, then there are

52 weeks in a year, and if we assume that you will make $15.00 per hour, then

the total would be $15,808 in a year, almost like your full-year fee. $15,808

is enough for you to pay for your second-year cost and Study of your own for

another year. 


Now 1+1 is two years of study that would make you

eligible for three years post-study work visa. 


Generally, the fee for a 1-year course in Canada is

roughly $15-18,000.00 only. So this way you would have enough money to pay for

your two years course. 


We want to encourage you to make the right and informed

decisions while planning your studies abroad journey. This blog will help your

friends and family, especially your parents, as they must be planning their

finances. Finance is an essential part of planning something this huge. It has

to be designed as per the current needs and plans. 


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