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Free Online Study Abroad Consultant

Thank you for choosing to visit this page. This page has all the information which will help you decide to study abroad and what are the steps which you need to take care of while making the best and important decision of your life. And how to choose the right free study abroad counseling services!

So, let's start with a story.

There is this student has a dream in his eyes of studying abroad. When he was a kid, he and his parents used to discuss and plan how they would be able to achieve this.

Kid was not one of the brightest ones of all, but he was a curious one, always wanted to try new things, go new places, and do stuff which other students were not very found of, especially the naughty one.

Now after completing his class 12th, this was the deciding moment, so there were many questions which mounted the head of the student.

Which country to choose to study abroad and what program to choose?

How much will it cost me to study at the different destinations?

What is the process of admission?

Will I be safe in unknown countries I will go to study?

How will I be going to fund my education?

How will I arrange my accommodation in an unknown country?

What are the eligibility criteria for admission and for visas?

And this student is only 17-18 years old just passed class 12th.

Now he begins his search,

He goes to his friends, relative, and other knowns in society try to find out the link and connection with the students who are already studying abroad.

Everyone is busy, and you are stuck with limited answers.

Here comes a role of a study abroad counselor.

They are the experienced professionals who are in the business of sending students abroad for their higher education.

They are supposed to take care of the documentation for

Admission in abroad universities

Help you get an education Loan (If required)

Guide you with paperwork

Guide you and help you choose the best program according to your profile.

Once you get the admission, they should help you get the student visa and help you make arrangement in a foreign country for your living.

So, this student lodged on to the internet and typed

Online study abroad consultants; many results popped up!

Now the whole study abroad counseling which started,

Counselor need to know many things before he/she can suggest you the Best programs which are available abroad for higher education, like,

You are Educational background: Stream, Marks, College, School, Board, etc.

Your Financial Background: Your Income (If working). Family Earning, Saving, ITR, Future income, ETC

Your Medical Background: If you had any medical history, like, TB, etc.

Your Country of Preference: Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, United States of America, etc.

Based on this information, a counselor would be able to suggest to you the options which you can choose from. Many study abroad consultants charge a fee for this, and some are absolutely free.

There are many reputable studies abroad consultants in India, and we are one of them. Our services are online so that you can talk to the best study abroad counselors for study abroad.

Since this pandemic has happened, most of the study abroad counselors have moved online, you can book free study abroad counseling. Education consultants play an important role in abroad education.

There are universities which are offering online study abroad programs during this covid period.

There are many online study abroad fairs are happening throughout the internet where you get to meet the university/colleges representatives online. University representatives provide free online study abroad counseling to the students one on one.

Our recommendation is that all the counseling for study abroad should be free. Many consultant charges for this, but we do not.

You can get free immigration advice for a study visa with us.

Now you What happened to the story, of course, the story which brought you to the end of this page. What don’t you give us a call and find out? I am sure there will be a surprise waiting for you!


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