5 Top Canada Visa Rejection Reasons

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5 Top Canada Visa Rejection Reasons

No matter how well you prepare the visa file, but sometimes it just does not go through. In this blog, we will discuss the 5 top reasons why your visa might get rejected if not taken care of efficiently. 

Getting the Student visa process seems easy but requires the correct documentation for the student visa for Canada.

5 Top Canada Visa Rejection Reasons

  1. Relevant course: We would like to place this on top of the list. Relevancy is very crucial for college, immigration, and as well as for your career progression. A relevant program is clear evidence of career progression. E.g., A student from a Commerce background should choose a business program. Bcom students can choose from Marketing, Sales, Human resources, Management, Business Analytics, and many other fields. Students from technology backgrounds have options like artificial intelligence, software development, testing, digital marketing, designing, etc. Considering these courses will show that you are on the same track and want to specialize in the current study field. Do not choose a program you do not have any idea about because your agent has suggested that. No matter how much you have to wait or do stuff that might take some time. Choosing the right course is very crucial for the immigration officer. 

  2. Financial Reasons: Finance is a very crucial aspect of visa filing and approval. Most students try to save funds and do not follow Study Direct Stream (SDS) rule; the student must pay a 1-year tuition fee and 1-year living expenses (Guaranteed Investment Certificate) if you have applied for 1-year study. For a 2-years study, you should deposit a 1-year fee and living expenses (GIC) and show 2nd-year funds as a backup. Showing funds for the next year is not mandatory but strongly recommended to demonstrate financial stability.  

  3. Failure to prove that you will leave the country at the end of your course: Getting the visa officer's approval depends upon how convinced they are with your application. How confident they feel that you will be leaving the country after completing the course and complying with all visa conditions. Immigration officers must establish your intention while considering your visa application. They are trying to figure out if you want to study in Canada or just trying to get into the country. Many Students ask the visa officer to approve the permit in their SOP. It is a strong reason for visa refusal. Never ask or request a visa officer for a positive response. Check out How To Write an SOP for Masters. 

  4. Low scores in Academics: Some students apply for a non-relevant course or do not demonstrate an exact reason for choosing that particular course. Some programs require some academic or work experience background, which proves to the visa officer that you can grasp the knowledge shared with you. So having to choose the course of your level and previous background is essential. Go through the course curriculum and find out the exact marks required for admission and eligibility. 

  5. Write your SOP well: This is one of the most critical and vital aspects of the application. SOP can either make or break the application for you! You have to include and explain the significant points of your life, academics, and plans here. Explain your family background and include all the inspiration you derive from there. Explain about your academics, give the reason for low scores, or tell them what excites you to study in the future. Tell them about your work experience with learning. Being honest here will give you brownie points. Do not be manipulative in your SOP. They have the documents, and they can easily catch you if you try to be smart with them. It would be best if you wrote your sop as your mirror image

    Check out How To Write the SOP for Masters. 

Other small things require your attention while making the application. Make clear scan copies; make sure you follow the visa checklist. Make sure you have attached the valid passport, current photograph. Make sure to include the right documents from your work experience. And all other essential documents you think might impact your application. 

Complete documents list for Canada Visa with the requirement can be found here.

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