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Have much was your 12th score?

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Have much was your graduation score?

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How VAC help You to achieve your dream?

Searching for your dream university and taking the final leap towards deciding to join one can be a real hassle? You finally land up right place! VAC's study abroad experts will matches your profile and credentials against millions of data points and
finds your 'Best University Abroad' for you.

Study Abroad Counseling and Guidance

Study abroad Consulting is our main expertise and passion. We will provide you the best guidance and help you to Study easily in top ranked universities of the world,for example countries like Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

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University / Profile Short Listing

We will suggest you the top-ranked universities as per your academic and work experience background. By giving you multiple options we will secure the best top ranked universities as per your profile. We will give you the right direction towards your study abroad plans.

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Student Visa Filing As Per Immigration Guidance

Keeping ourself updated with all the visa regulations of all the countries we deal in is mandatory. We can guide you to get your student visa successfully. Deadlines are important to us.

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Why choose VAC?

VAC Global Education is Noida and Delhi's top-tier study abroad Consultants which provides study abroad Consultation for the top ranked Universities in the world, countries Like Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.


Expert Study Abroad Guidance

Helped more than 500+ students to achieve their overseas education dreams.


Real-time study abroad student Community

Interact with other students just like you.


Online Mock Tests

Get practice set, test series, quizzes for exam preparation.


End-to-end solution for overseas aspirants

Right from shortlisting course and university to airport pickup facility.

Which exam are you planning to take?


certified trainer
Examination & Certification

Our coaching center is certified by IDP for IELTS preparation and from Pearson for PTE academic coaching. We get latest Tips and Tricks from respective organization.

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certified trainer
Updated Classroom Training

We provide state of art coaching assistance for both IELTS and PTE.. PTE Academic is a computer based exam. We have updated Mock Test and Practice tests.

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Walk-in Assessments For New Students

We will evaluate you initially to check your present level of English, as per IELTS and PTE guidelines and then guide you on how to enhance the score in both IELTS and PTE exam.

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Online Mock Test
Regular Online Mock Test

The IELTS mock test gives you the real picture of your progress. The mock test is conducted on regular basis and Trainers provide feedback on an individual basis and give you tips and tricks on performing better. We give 30 Mocktest for PTE academic Exam and on every weekend.

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speaking assesment
Speaking Evaluation

Our trainers conduct speaking sessions on a daily basis both IELTS and PTE Academic to enhance speaking capabilities as per exam guidelines. Speaking is the major issue faced by a lot of students and we understand how to improve it drastically

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Online Mock Test
Updated Unlimited IELTS Study Material

We follow IELTS and PTE Authentic study material for our IELTS and PTE training and same is shared with you for regular practice. Both IELTS and PTE Exams are practice-based. We have all the latest updated study material even book 13 for IELTS.

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What Our VACians Say About Exam Preparation?

I would strongly suggest VAC Global Education for their support and guidance which immensely helped me crack the IELTS exam. There is no other consultancy which monitors student’s progress like the way they do. Also, Here staffs one of the best IELTS trainer.


- Mahi Jindal

Rated 5 / 5 based on 5 reviews.

The best place for PTE . Special thanks to experienced, just because of her I was able to score 73 in PTE when I wasn’t expecting even 58. And moreover not only do they guide you extremely well but also equip you with numerous tricks that can elevate your score!


- Abhishek Khurana

Rated 5 / 5 based on 5 reviews.

VAC Global Education gives excellent service with regard to overseas education . They guide you with immense patience through each stage of application to university till getting your visa application submitted by consultants having lots of experience.


- Tanya Arora

Rated 5 / 5 based on 5 reviews.

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